Kalpa – in the lap of Kinner Kailash ranges

Kalpa is a small village above Reckong Peo in Kinnaur district at a distance of 250 km from Shimla. Kalpa is mainly famous for its apple orchards and also serves as the gateway to Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.

Delhi to Kalpa(Himachal Pradesh)

I took the roadways bus from Kashmiri Gate, Delhi to Shimla at 8 PM which took around 8 hours to reach. Then, took another bus from Shimla to Reckong Peo. The drive from Shimla to Peo itself is so beautiful that it qualifies for one of the best road trips in Himachal Pradesh. The treacherous roads of Kinnaur welcomed me alongside the Satluj river. Just when I came back to my senses, I couldn’t catch my next breath to see new turns. I was enraptured into the mighty Himalayas. It took me a whole 20 hours to reach Reckong Peo from Delhi.

Then a half hour bus ride to this magical village Kalpa. I reached Kalpa at around 5 PM and found a room at a very reasonable price with some gorgeous views of Kinner Kailash ranges. Then I took a brisk walk around the village towards the temple and monastery in the evening.

I’ve seen people skipping Kalpa. They think that there’s no particular tourist spot to explore here. But I think Kalpa has more hidden places than any other hill station which are yet to be discovered. They are so beautiful that when you find one, you just can’t stop yourself to embrace the beauty.

Kalpa Himachal Pradesh
This is me amidst the clouds trying to soak some of the beauty of Kinner Kailash ranges.

Kalpa Himachal Pradesh


I woke up early the next morning to see the sunrise but wasn’t lucky enough to witness it due to the clouds. Then after having breakfast, I went to the Suicide Point which is around 3 Km from Kalpa. The Suicide Point is famous for its dangerous trench and also offers some spectacular views of the valley. It is a blessing for photography lovers. I walked back to Kalpa after spending some time at the Suicide Point.

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Wish I can spend all my evenings sitting here in front of Kinner Kailash ranges
Suicide Point

A local guy told me about this trek of 3 hours to a place Chaka famous for its meadows. But I couldn’t make it due to the bad weather so I decided to explore some more places around Kalpa.


Some of the pictures of Chaka shared by a friend

I met an Israeli guy at my guest house who had come to Himachal a month ago. He told me about some treks and places which he had been to and how he quit his job a month ago for a change and was trying to explore as much as he could in this time. We bonded over a football match and when I asked him how long he’ll stay, he told me that he doesn’t know that too. He expressed his love for Himachal and said that he wanted to spend some more time in these hills. I wish I could do that someday.

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For me, Kalpa is a perfect destination to move away from the crowded hill stations of Shimla and Manali and counts as the perfect road-trip destination.

Useful Information about Kalpa:

How to Reach Kalpa: Take an overnight bus from Delhi to Shimla and then change from Shimla to Reckong Peo. Buses are available every half an hour to Reckong Peo from Shimla ISBT. Kalpa is only 10 km from Peo and local buses are available every half an hour till 6 to 7 PM.

Delhi -> Shimla (8 hours)
Shimla -> Reckong Peo(10-11 hours)
Reckong Peo -> Kalpa(30 minutes)

Bus fare: Delhi to Shimla: 415 INR

Shimla to Reckong Peo: 355 INR

Reckong Peo to Kalpa: 10 INR

Total Journey: 20 hours(approx.)

Where to Stay: Chini Bungalow, Fort View Homestay

Where to Eat: Blue Lotus Hotel

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